Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's this?

It's a new post! We're definitely still on an adventure ... This summer so far in NYC has been unbearably hot and humid. For me (this is Mary), it's been one reminder of why California, particularly the Central Coast, is such a great place to live. Honestly, I do think that the Central Coast has the best weather on the planet!

While we do have two air conditioners in our apartment, there are days like today when even the cooler air inside can't mask the horrible humidity outside. A small storm came through here overnight, and I was SO hopeful that it would dissipate the humidity. No such luck.

So, we sweat, and we sweat some more. While the subway cars are air conditioned, the subway stations definitely are not. It really is like descending into Hades when you walk down those stairs ...

Soon it will be fall, and then winter again, and I might be wishing for this warm and sunny weather! Guess I'm never satisfied.

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