Wednesday, May 5, 2010

While the bomb fizzled in Times Square...

... the other night, Mary and I were at Carnegie Hall. This is the view above of what we could see from our seats in the balcony. Obviously, it's more important what one hears at Carnegie Hall. It was my first trip, so I wasn't going to let a little bomb scare keep me away.

Actually, I heard the multitude of sirens right before intermission, since I had to step outside before the last movement of a Leonard Bernstein composition. We never realized what the sirens were for, and happily enjoyed the second half of the evening's performance: Mozart's Requiem Mass, featuring the Brooklyn Symphony and the New York Choral Society. Great performance. When we walked out on 57th street west toward the subway, all streets south of us were blocked off. When we got home, we found out the rest of the story, which is still unfolding.

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