Saturday, November 21, 2009

Househunters Episode in Paris rebroadcast!

If you've somehow managed to miss the show the past six months about our Paris pied-a-terre, it's airing again on Monday at noon Eastern/Pacific on HGTV (episode link for more info).

Mary just got back from a week there and said it still looks great, after more than 50% occupancy the last 11 months. She said it hardly looks like anyone's been there. Credit out management company - Adrian Leeds - and designer - Martine di Matteo - for recommending quality furnishings and then managing it well.


Chandra said...

Jeff and Mary,
I saw the episode and I absolutely loved your beautiful apartment in Paris! If I could I would decorate my place like this as well! I hope NY living is wonderful as well. As a CA girl who has always wished to pick up and try somewhere else on for size, I wish you all the best!

Sherrie said...

Just watched the episode and was thinking, he looks familiar? Then figured out why...Congrats on your new place & a beautiful remodel.