Sunday, October 18, 2009

New cat and old habit

We have a new kitty from the pound coming later today to join Sophia and keep her company. We'll post photos soon with the new all-black cat.

In the meantime, check out this lame NY Times story: The Battle Between the White House and Fox News.

This story reminds me of the blue code - police officers always backing their colleagues, even when they've done a misdeed - as the NY Times media critic criticizes the president for not meeting with Fox News because they aren't a legitimate news organization.

Well, Fox News isn't a legitimate news organization. They get a lot of eyeballs - so does Internet porn - but let's be truthful for a moment, NY Times, instead of trying to be "balanced." Fox News is run by a long-time Republican strategist and insider targeting viewers who want the right-wing perspective. It's aim is not to report the facts like CNN or the networks (who fall well short of the goal, but at least they try). The administration does risk wasting time and effort on answering critics from the bleachers in this approach however, and may wind up feeding the beast. But I certainly understand the motivation behind trying to counter lies.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good bye, beautiful Chelsea

Our lovely cat Chelsea died today. She was 17.

Chelsea was always everyone's favorite our of three cats (we lost our dear Emma in June of this year; Sophia is still with us). She was so sweet, and she treated everyone she met as a potential new friend. Whenever anyone met Chelsea, they would always say, "What a pretty cat!" Her personality matched the beauty on the outside.

She was never cross, and she was affectionate beyond words. Put out your hand, and she was there, ready for a pet and maybe a little "thank you" meow.

Her favorite way to show us that affection was what we called "the head butt." She would look us in the eye, then lower her head and power it into your forehead. Sometimes she would do it rather forcefully! But always with so much genuine feeling. And she purred ALL the time. It's hard to remember a moment in her life when she wasn't purring, even when she slept.

Chelsea also acted as Mary's alarm clock: her nose to Mary's nose, every morning.

So many wonderful memories ... Chelsea will be with us forever.

We love you, our beautiful Chelsea.