Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another celebrity sighting

During a rest break during Saturday's bicycle ride to Nyack, who should I spot walking unassumingly down the street of that quaint little town but actor/clown extraordinaire Bill Irwin (in a publicity photo at right from Topnews). I recognized him right away because he still had some facial growth like he does in this photo. "Waiting for Godot" (pronounced gawd-oh) runs through July 11, so he must retain his stubble. What a great show.

What I didn't recall was his name, until he was in the next block. If I had been thinking faster, I would have congratulated him on his incredible performance in Beckett's landmark play. As good as John Goodman, Nathan Lane and John Glover were, I thought Irwin gave the best performance. If you can't place him, he was most recently in the film "Rachel Getting Married," in which he played the father. You may also remember him joining Bobby McFerrin and Robin Williams in the 1988 music video "Don't Worry, Be Happy." He was the one wearing the top hat.

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