Friday, May 1, 2009

Last Sunday

Last Sunday, Jeff and Mary went on a hike with our friend (and Mary's colleague) Pierre and his mom, Claudine, who is visiting from France (she lives near Paris). It was warm but not "overbearing" at Bear Mountain, which is about a 1-hour train ride from the Bronx. It was nice to get outside--Mary has been a bit of a couch potato lately. A big "merci" to Pierre for helping Mary up the mountain. His expert climbing skills came in handy.

This weekend won't be quite so scenic. First of all, the weather is supposed to be rainy (yuck). Second, we are starting to move Rachel out of her dorm, so we'll be packing boxes and loading them into a rental car most of Saturday afternoon.

Saturday evening, however, we are spending once again with Pierre and Claudine, seeing a little concert at an art gallery. That's something we've never done before!

Next week will be a whir of activity. Tuesday night we are seeing Jane Fonda in a Broadway play called "33 Variations." Our run of luck with plays has been very good lately, so we hope it continues with this one. And how often do you get to see Jane Fonda in person, anyway?

After that, we will finish moving Rachel out of the dorm and take off for California for 10 days. Busy times ahead!

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