Sunday, April 12, 2009

Waiting for Godot

We saw "Waiting for Godot" last night on Broadway. It hasn't officially opened yet (still in previews), so the tix were quite reasonable.

It stars (from left in photo) John Glover, Bill Irwin, Nathan Lane, and John Goodman--all well-known actors outside of their stage careers.

Bill Irwin (Vladimir) and Nathan Lane (Estragon) were excellent at counterbalancing one another in the lead roles. John Goodman was larger than life, as you might expect, but excellent as Pozzo. John Glover was decidedly scary as Lucky. (Our only concern was that Goodman has grown so ... huge. He is a serious candidate for a heart attack or stroke!)

This play really takes on additional meaning in the current times. Although it has always been open to various interpretations, Beckett once said decisively that Godot does not stand for God (especially because he wrote it first in French, and Godot has no relation to the French word for God, which is dieu).

However, the religious idea of redemption is clearly present, as is human beings' constant search to make meaning out of, perhaps, meaninglessness. We all want believe our presence here on this planet is significant.

At the very least, we want someone to know we were here.

P.S. The theater where we saw the show is called Studio 54, the site of the infamous nightclub.

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