Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Henry Gustav Herman Schiller, 1918-2009

Mary's father died this morning. He was sitting in a chair in his hospital room, and he simply went to sleep for the last time.

He was 90 years old, and had been in very good health until this past Christmas. He had been hospitalized since late February with a couple of major problems that were competing with one another: blood clots in his legs, and a bleeding ulcer. We think his body, and his literal and figurative heart, were finally too tired to go on.

He and his wife, Maryann, had moved from San Luis Obispo, Calif., to Florida in September. Mary's brother Tom had visited in Jan. Carolyn (Mary's sister) and Mary saw him in March, which was when this photo was taken.

Rest in peace Dad/Grandpa/Great-Grandpa/Hank. We love you and miss you so much already.

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