Tuesday, April 7, 2009

French frustration

(This is Mary.) I am at that point in studying a foreign language where the progress feels sooooo slooooow. My current teacher, Mme. Sorg, is very good. She is from Paris, and she has been a stickler for solid pronunciation and doesn't hesitate to correct us when we make a mistake. All good.

But there comes a point when you are learning the fine details, and trying to acquire more idioms, when it just feels like you have hit a wall and are slowly trying to climb it without the right tools. I climb up, then slide back down again.

I am trying not to let this frustration dissuade me from continuing. I am determined to get my French to a good level over the next year. And if I am honest about it, I really can see an improvement since I first started studying it again last fall. Talking with Rachel helps, and I may enlist the help of my friend Pierre more formally.

Meanwhile, I continue to watch one or two French movies a week, listen to French TV, read as much French as possible and hope that one day, I will approximate an American speaking decent French!

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