Saturday, March 28, 2009

We have heard from some of you!

Apparently we were actually on HGTV last night, as several of our friends and family have sent us messages about the show. We are watching it tonight at our friend Robert's place downstairs — he was kind enough to record it for us.

A commenter here asked us what we did during the renovation. We do have some "before" photos, which you can view here on our Flicker page.

Basically, we took what was a squished one bedroom apartment and made it a large studio (that's large by Parisian standards). We actually did not change the original floorplan. The only structural change, other than taking down the bedroom wall, was enlarging the bathroom and moving the bathroom door around to the other side. Originally, when you walked into the apartment you walked straight into the bathroom! So we extended the bathroom a few feet toward the front door and then moved the bathroom door around to the right side, facing into the living room (but you cannot see the throne from there!).

Otherwise, the layout is the same as it was before, mostly to try and save some Euros. We did feel, though, that the place would feel larger without the bedroom wall. It may seem illogical to turn it into a studio, but it really seemed like the best choice, considering the layout.

Then, we literally replaced every single thing in the apartment except the windows, which were already very nice: heavy-duty and double-paned. Floors, fixtures, toilet, sinks, cabinets, everything was ripped out and replaced. We also wanted to make the apartment romantic, so we chose the decor with the help of our designer, Martine di Matteo, and got a lot of advice from our consultant/property manager/, Adrian Leeds. See them both on this YouTube video talking about design plans for Adrian's apartment on La Place des Vosges.

Welcome to our petit nid d'amour!

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Diane Kettle Marano said...

Tres jolie! Great choice on the flat and what a tremendous remodel. Want to take on a guest house in Carmel Valley? We have one crying for attention! What a dream come true. My trip to Paris 25 years ago left me wanting more but, alas, here I am still in CA. Congrats to you both. - Diane