Tuesday, March 17, 2009

French, French, French

We are both taking French classes right now, through the Chazen Institute at Columbia Business School. The classes meet once a week (2 hours) for 8 weeks. Mary is in a high intermediate class, and Jeff is in a "fast track" beginner class that does a quick review of some basic grammar.

Mary took one last semester, as well, and has really noticed a difference in both comprehension and speaking. Over the summer, we intend to keep taking classes somewhere ... still investigating possibilities.

In the meantime, Mary converses in French with Rachel whenever she can. Rachel's French is way better than both of ours, and she freely corrects Mary's goofs!

One of these days, instead of calling us the Ballinger/Schiller/Dlugatch family, you can simply call us the "French" family. :-)

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