Saturday, February 7, 2009

Working out

No, we don't make resolutions. But Mary had decided a few weeks ago that she wanted to possibly join a gym. Never a gym rat, though, she has always been the type who enjoys exercise classes, walking, playing tennis, swimming and such.

But there may be a gym she's willing to join: the Jewish Community Center of Manhattan. She decided to do a trial run by buying a card worth 10 classes, just to see how she liked going there regularly. So far, she has been taking two classes a week. And what a pleasure they are! Not only are the teachers good, but all the people she has interacted with have been really welcoming and friendly.

After her card is up, she may decide to fork over the $ for a membership. It's an amazing facility, complete with a gorgeous indoor pool, huge fitness room, clean-as-a-whistle locker rooms and more. Check it out here:

Suppose you could say, the gym is working out!

The goal is to replace a few pounds of flab with a few pounds of muscle, without losing any major weight. Can she do it? We'll keep you posted!

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