Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two years ago today

Today marks the two-year anniversary of our move to the East Coast. Hard to believe, really. They always say that time flies, but it's more than that. Life flies.

When we moved here, our daughter was a freshman at NYU, trying to figure out her life's path. Now, she is a junior planning to apply to PhD programs in philosophy to pursue her dream to become a philosophy professor.

As for Jeff and Mary, two years ago Mary was working as an online teacher while we sorted everything out. We had no full-time work and weren't sure of much of anything. Now, we both have good jobs at Columbia with amazing benefits. We own a small but comfortable co-op apt in Riverdale and an investment property in Paris. Not bad for two years!

Like everyone, we are feeling the pain of the recession, both in our own lives and those of our friends and family. Amazing what just two years can do in that regard.

Which makes us hopeful that two years from now, the economy will be turning around, and our lives may be even better than they are today. We are looking forward to seeing what a new administration will do, and whether or not our country can put itself on a better path.

The only thing that hasn't changed for us in two years is that we miss our family and friends so very much. Yes, we have started to form new relationships here. We have met some lovely people with whom we hope to have long-lasting friendships. But that does not mean we have stopped thinking of the people we left behind in California. On the contrary, we think of you every day and are thankful you are still in our hearts, and we in yours. Thank goodness for email and cell phones!

So here is a virtual toast to two years in NYC!

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Trisha Oksner said...

Congrats! Sign up to Facebook and you can see all kinds of old friends whenever you log in!