Saturday, January 31, 2009


Mary just watched the movie "Manhattan" for, oh, about the 500th time. The first time she saw it was in the theater, when she was in high school. She went back and saw it a second time and has been in love with the movie ever since.

If you are one of the few people on the planet who hasn't seen it, you must. It's such a beautiful depiction of the city itself; Woody Allen's love for Manhattan shows in every frame.

There are times when the city feels pretty gritty and not so beautiful (for Mary, it has had that quality lately), and it helps to take a step back from it and see it through an artist's lens. For example, last night Mary went to a movie with her friend Pierre at the AMC Empire, on 42nd Street. While not exactly "gritty," that area of the city is really tough to take: overwhelming and flashy and artificial. It's always a shame when someone visiting the city spends so much time in that part of town, because it's just not what New York really is.

Then you watch a film like "Manhattan" and you see the magnificent skyline, the lights, the parks, the streets with their interesting storefronts ... the place hasn't changed much since the movie was released in 1977. And then you can step outside and look, really look, at what's around you with a new appreciation for it.

So today when she takes a trip downtown to see Rachel, Mary will bring her camera and catch a few shots of the real Manhattan. Stay tuned for this "artist's" point of view on the city this weekend.

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