Monday, December 8, 2008

Princess and the Pea? Or a letch?

So a guy is sitting in the subway this evening--a very crowded car, with people packed in--and he's taking up 3 seats. He's not fat, he's just lounging. Lounging guy.

Mary decides this is unacceptable.

She slithers in between him and the man to his left, squeezing into about 2/3 of a seat.

Becoming uncomfortable at the, um, lack of space between all of us but also aware that people need room to stand more comfortably, too. If the train is packed and there is a seat, you betcha she's gonna take it!

So lounging guy casually says to Mary, basically right into her ear, "You know, I would make more room for you. But I'm uncomfortable when I sit on the little ridge between the seats."

Mary felt like screaming, Who are you?? The princess and the pea??

But instead, she says, "It's fine. I'll just get up and stand again."

To which lounging guy replies, "Oh, you don't have to do that."

And Mary thinks, Oh, yes, I do.

Especially when, a minute later, a man sits down into that 2/3 of a seat and lounging guy moves over to give him plenty of room.

Not a princess. A plain ol' letch.

Sometimes the physical closeness of other people on the subway can be a little weird.

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