Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our 10 most memorable moments from 2008

In no particular order ...

- Visiting friends and family in California: love to all of you.

- Filming "House Hunters International" in Paris, twice, and the Bronx, once (does that count as 3 moments?)

- Welcoming Rachel home from Croatia and, later, Paris: two long and noteworthy adventures

- Making some new friends here in NYC

- Keeping in touch with our "old" friends by email and phone. Let's not lose each other. :-)

- Enjoying 2 delightful dinners of French cuisine, prepared by some new French friends in their homes: one in Paris, one in NYC (thank you Laurence & Emmanuel, thank you Claudine & Pierre)

- Staying in our very own Paris apt.

- Getting our first few rental bookings in our Paris apt. (Yay!)

- Voting for Barack Obama

- Watching Barack Obama win the election

Let's not focus on what went wrong in 2008. Plenty did, of course. But most of it was out of our control. So we plan to take control of what we can in 2009, live in the present moment as much as possible, and look forward to another year of Jeff and Mary's Excellent Adventure.

Tell us your most memorable moments from 2008!


Trisha Oksner said...

I think watching the Obama family walk out on stage will rank up there as one of the highlights of my life. His speech was incredible.

And of course watching my baby take his first steps was indescribable.

What a year, huh?

Jeff and Mary said...

Go, Sean! That's a beautiful memory, Trisha. Hold onto it! --Mary