Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back in NYC ... And Jeff has some cool news

I'm experiencing some culture shock along with my jet lag, says Mary.

I think the two trips to Paris in quick succession have thrown me off rather severely. Just riding to work this morning on the subway was a trip, no pun intended. It was crowded, more so than the Metro in Paris, and people were talking a lot more than the Parisians do. The subway car was cruddy and old, as were the subway stations--which in Paris are pretty clean and well kept (although many do smell like excrement in places!).

Then just hearing people speaking English instead of French was strange. That always throws me for a loop, but for some reason, this time it has seemed even weirder. Go figure.

But here's the cool news: Jeff got published on The Huffington Post! Look for J. L. Ballinger (they already have a Jeff Ballinger on there, whom Jeff actually knows!).

So make a comment, share it, do something to show your support, and get him more Huffington Post gigs!

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