Friday, November 28, 2008

Mary arrived in Paris this morning

... and is feeling pretty exhausted. Those redeye flights aren't easy. The plane was half empty, which probably isn't surprising considering it was Thanksgiving evening.

It's now nearly 4:30 in Paris. I have already seen Rachel and her friend from NYU, Tia (who now attends USC film school). Rachel seems to be doing a bit better--feeling well and looking well.

I started the process of dealing with the bank here. And when I say "process," that's exactly what I mean. The system here is a bit, well, antiquated. In my opinion, France needs to update its banking procedures in order to keep pace in the world. Otherwise, people like us will switch banks to one with a more international focus--which is exactly what we did. The banker wasn't surprised at all when I told him, interestingly enough.

The apt. has, like, three minor things that still need to be fixed but could be done in just an hour or two, so I would say we are set for launch in about one week. Yay! Still haven't decided on a name, but we are zeroing in on a couple.

Will post pictures when I take them. The weather here today was quite cold. With the wind chill, it was about 30. Brrrrr!

One other thing: I have had to use my limited French skills quite a bit in the one day I have been here. The bank tellers didn't speak English, which was fine. (Thank goodness the manager did, as that's a more complex conversation!).

I also had to speak with a young man who, like me, was having trouble operating the front door of the building. The sensor wasn't working, so our electronic keys wouldn't work. Finally a third person showed up, and for some reason his key DID work--and then ours did, too! I was SO happy, because standing around outside was getting pretty uncomfortable in the low temperature.

I'm going to take a nap, then go do a little grocery shopping and plan my Saturday. A free day in Paris with no commitments--finally! I can't wait. :-)

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