Friday, November 14, 2008

"House Hunters International": It's a wrap

After many, many days of shooting--in June in Paris, in August in the Bronx, and now in November again in Paris--"House Hunters International" is finally a wrap. We have to wait about 8 months, yes, 8 months, to see our episode. But here's the final shoot crew: David Stein, producer (tall guy with Jeff); in other photo, Chuck (sound guy), Mary, Jeff, Fre'de'ric (cameraman), Mathieu (assistant--hope we're spelling his name right). Frederic and Mathieu actually went to school together as kids in Paris. Mathieu still lives in Paris, in the neighborhood of Belleville, while Frederic makes his home in Venice Beach. Chuck and David also live in L.A.

As soon as we know the air date, we'll be sure and let everyone know!

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