Saturday, November 29, 2008


Here are a few photos I took today. (Click on them for a bigger view.) I decided to go on a very long walk this afternoon. The "Brocante" is happening again--we were here in the summer for it the first time this year, the huge, blocks-long flea market up and down the Marais, near Rue de Bretagne. Also off that street is a market called Marche' Aux Enfants Rouges, with organic produce as well as fishmongers, florists and other foodstuffs.

I walked through the Marais and noticed a few political symbols. If you look closely at the copycat poster of President-Elect Obama that depicts Pres. Sarkozy, you will see that "Yes We Can" refers to things like: "Create 3 million non-displaceable jobs" and "produce clean and durable engergy."

Also thought you might like to see an example of the teeny-tiny cars people drive here!

After strolling through the Marais and past the Centre Pompidou (modern building here), I went by Le Louvre (see Pyramide), then to the area near the Opera House (see the building with the gold statues). The Christmas Tree is inside Galeries Lafayette, a big department store. A cute French lady helped me choose a stylish winter hat. Sorry! No photo of that here. :-)

Tonight I plan to go see some city lights, perhaps on the Champs-Elyse'es, where the lights are designed to look like melting icicles. It's not as cold tonight as last night, and the sky is clear, so it should be a pleasant evening here in Paris. Just wish Jeff were here with me.

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