Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celebrity sighting!

When Mary was walking near her office today, she saw Mandy Patinkin at 111th and Broadway. He is in NYC performing "The Tempest" on Broadway. Here's a link to a review, where the critic writes:

"Mandy Patinkin, an actor known for his landmark musical theater roles — as Che in 'Evita' and Georges Seurat in 'Sunday in the Park With George' — sings only a few bars in the Classic Stage Company’s new production of Shakespeare’s late romance. But with a voice of such saturated colors and an instinct for shaping melody, his verse-speaking has a naturally musical quality."

Mary really gained respect for him nearly 20 years ago, when he performed a beautiful duet with Madonna for the movie "Dick Tracy." The song was "What Can You Lose," by Stephen Sondheim. Here's a link to a completely unrelated video that has the song playing with it. Enjoy!

What can you lose?
Only the blues.
Why keep concealing everything you're feeling?
Say it to her, what can you lose?
Maybe it shows,
She's had clues, which she chose to ignore.
Maybe though she knows,
And just wants to go on as before.
As a friend, nothing more
So she closes the door.

Well, if she does
Those are the dues.
Once the words are spoken,
Something may be broken.
Still, you love her
What can you lose?

But what if she goes?
At least now, you have part of her.
What if she had to choose?

Leave it alone
Hold it all in.
Better a bone
Don't even begin.
With so much to win,
There's too much to lose.

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