Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Swans on the Seine

I've been in Paris just four days but it already feels like I've been here a month. My poor French is improving, by necessity, and it took all of a few hours to adjust to the slower pace of life here. Mind you, everywhere else is slower-paced than NYC. Hong Kong and London may rival the big apple, but Paris is another story. It's a langorous existence here, by comparison. No street vendors hawking hot dogs and pretzels to people on the go, as most want to actually sit down a while and eat. What a concept.

Rachel is now situated for an apartment overlooking Luxembourg Gardens (see attached link to slide shows for one of her views from her Juliet window), which she'll move into in a couple weeks. Our apartment is underway and scheduled to be completed by the end of October. I have some purchasing to do the next couple days and our coop board meeting went as well as could be expected. We approved two projects that will improve the value and living conditions of the building.

Meanwhile, I have been able to somehow squeeze in a couple of too-short bike rides. It is actually easier to ride than walk, as I recuperate from my cycling accident 10 days ago. In addition, cycling on Paris streets is a breeze compared to NYC. Bikes have access on many streets to lanes set aside for just buses and taxis, which have given me plenty of space as they pass. On main thoroughfares, there are curbed-off dedicated lanes for cyclists. I've never felt safer riding in a city than here. I did try the Velib - the famous bike-sharing program here - and it's a cinch once you have a credit card for a French bank.

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