Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jeff's back in NYC!

Jeff had a productive, if tiring, trip to Paris last week. His sightseeing consisted only of his bike rides and a brief visit to Montmartre, while the rest of his time was taken up with apt.-related business: both ours and Rachel's. As you know from reading our other blog posts, Rachel will be living in a great place starting Oct. 1, so all worked out fine.

He also was able to purchase the remaining items for the apt. renovation, accompanying the architect/designer, Martine, to Ikea. So it looks like we are on schedule to complete the renovation by the end of October. Magnifique!

Speaking of French, Mary starts a French conversation class at Columbia on Tuesday night. Looking forward to that. Jeff is brushing up on his, as well, and will take a full-blown French class next semester.

Lastly ... Jeff had dinner with Mary Ellen, the wonderful woman who helped us find the apt. (she works with Adrian Leeds, of Adrian Leeds Group). To quote her, she told Jeff, "You're lucky you bought when you did." We love that!

She explained that she can't find any apartments the quality of ours for that price anymore. We realize this is a long-term investment, but with the Euro losing ground against the dollar compared to where it was when we bought the place in March, we feel like the appreciation has made that sting a bit less painful.

And the dollar's rise may also mean more American vacationers to Paris, so perhaps it will help our rental rate.

Stay tuned ...


Rachel (said in a French accent) said...

I started a blog-- this is awkward that we both have blogs?! Our generations are mixing. So not okay.

I guess I have to keep it G-rated now. Damn.


Jeff and Mary said...

Bienvenue, Rachel! :-) What is the name of your blog? We can add it to the list ...