Wednesday, September 24, 2008

French class ... oh, mon dieu

Mary started a French class last night, offered through the Chazen Institute at Columbia Business School. It's 8 meetings, once a week for two hours.

We will focus mostly on conversation with some grammar review along the way. The instructor is also providing us with a lot of vocabulary and idioms, which will be really helpful.

Oh, did we mention that Mary is old enough to be the mother of the other students?! There are only 4 of us in the class, and the other 3 are all young MBA students at Columbia. Alors, c'est la vie ...

Mary was pleased to see, however, that even though she hasn't taken a French class since 1980 (mon dieu!), she could hold her own in the conversation and understood about 90 percent of what the instructor was saying. Not bad, actually.

Meanwhile, Jeff is working his way through a French textbook until next semester, when he will probably take a Chazen class, as well. His schedule didn't permit him to stay in the class he signed up for this semester, which met 4 days/week.

It's great to have these options. And the price is pretty good, considering how small the classes are.

Maybe by the time we visit Paris next, in November--to sign off on all the renovation work and film the last bit of "House Hunters International"--we will feel more comfortable speaking the language!


Rachel (said in a French accent) said...

"mon dieu" actually isn't a French expression and they don't have an equivalent. just thought I'd be a know-it-all.


Rachel (said in a French accent) said...

actually maybe you're right. I think they say "mon dieu!" but never "merci dieu!" when exasperated. yeahhh that's it.