Saturday, September 20, 2008

"The Brave One": w/addendum

(This is Mary.) The other night, I started to watch a movie I had rented from Netflix called "The Brave One," starring Jodie Foster. I don't know if you have seen this movie, but basically it's about a woman whose fiance is brutally murdered, so she becomes somewhat of a vigilante.

At least, that's what I gathered from the first 30-40 minutes, before I ejected it and shoved it back in the red Netflix envelope.

This is the kind of movie that drives me crazy, because it makes NYC look like the most dangerous place on the planet. I realize that years ago, NYC actually probably WAS the most dangerous place on the planet. And yes, I realize that there are neighborhoods in the city that one shouldn't visit unless it's absolutely necessary.

But for crying out loud, must these filmmakers continue to portray the city as having thugs lurking around every corner? I think in the 30 or so minutes that I watched of "The Brave One," there were ... let me see ... 4 murders in public places (e.g., Central Park and the subway).

ADDENDUM: The place where the couple is initially attacked in Central Park ... It's not remote at all! There are cops all over the place, and lots of people, too (especially at the time of night it appeared they were walking their dog). Someone would have heard the ruckus and tried to help.

Would I walk alone through Central Park at night? Probably not. Would I walk there with Jeff after dark? Probably yes, especially if there were a lot of people around.

I ride the subway alone, day and night. I walk through the city alone all the time. Since we moved here in March of 2007, I have felt unsafe a grand total of ONCE, and I just quickly got out of the area.

Compare that to San Luis Obispo, where walking alone after dark, on deserted streets and through pathways without adequate lighting (Cal Poly!!) was a truly frightening experience.

If you don't come to New York because you're afraid of the crime, please think again. Yes, you have to use common sense (especially as a tourist). But don't let movies like "The Brave One" give you the wrong impression of this city, which is truly a magical place with wonderful people.

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