Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big week coming up

This will be an exciting week for us ... and for New Yorkers, in general.

First up: Rachel leaves for Paris on Monday, so wish her a bon voyage! We'll keep everyone updated as she lets us know, in between sips of vin rouge, what she's doing in the City of Light.

This week also brings us to Sept. 11. You may have heard that both Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain will be appearing on the Columbia University campus--yes, it's true. We probably won't be able to see them, as tickets were being given by lottery to Columbia students first. They are part of an event being hosted by the university (don't believe they will be debating each other or anything like that).

The two candidates also will appear at some sort of 9/11 memorial. We're thinking it might be best to stay away from the crowds and read about it in the Times!

Friday, Jeff gets on a plane for Paris, too! (Lucky ducks in our household, right??) He'll be dealing with some apartment business but also doing some sightseeing. Unfortunately, he will be walking more slowly than usual, as he got into a bicycle accident today during the NYC Century. Some idiot on a bike decided to stop suddenly in the middle of the bike lane, so Jeff and several other bicyclists plowed into him. We thought Jeff's leg might be broken, but thankfuly it isn't--just really banged up.

We had a bit of weather here on Saturday with the remnants of tropical storm Hanna. But today was picture perfect. Wish every day could be like that!

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