Saturday, August 9, 2008

Preparation time!

Seems like we have been caught up in "preparation time" for one thing or another these days.

Right now, it's Jeff's trip to Paris in mid-September (for the co-op board meeting there and probably some shopping for the new apt.--linens, etc.) as well as Rachel's semester in Paris (she leaves Sept. 8).

As far as Rachel is concerned, most of the major tasks have been accomplished, notably the student visa and the NYU-related paperwork. But there are still some technological dealy-bobs that need to be handled, like a couple of minor computer challenges (overheating Mac, for example), buying adapters, getting a cell phone to use over there, etc. etc. etc. We're keeping a to-do list, but every time we cross something off, two more tasks appear!

We just have to trust that by the time she gets on the plane, at least MOST of these little things will have been taken care of.

Mary is traveling to California on Aug. 18 to see family and friends. Mary's freaking out a little bit at the thought of having to drive everywhere. After literally not driving a car since March of 2007, it's tough to imagine being forced to do so in order to get anywhere. What a ridiculously inefficient and expensive mode of transportation!! Why can't California get with the program and put in better mass transit?!

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