Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's always just a short subway ride away ...

One thing that still amazes us is the fact that NYC--that Gotham City metropolis that forms the center of the U.S. universe, that teems with people and arts and culture, that is featured in about every other movie made in America--is just a short subway ride away from where we live.

OK, technically we live in one of the five boroughs of NYC. But we still feel a bit removed from it in Riverdale--which is a good thing, because it's very quiet around here. We have slept with the windows open for weeks, which would be tough to do in midtown Manhattan.

The fact that we can go to the Met or the Guggenheim, or to the Statue of Liberty or Ground Zero, or to Central Park or 42nd St. any time we feel like it--it's still kind of unbelievable.

So suffice it to say, we feel like we're just getting started living here. Plus, we have many weekend trips we would like to take once we have taken care of a bit more Paris business: Boston, D.C., upstate NY, just to name a couple.

And come visit us! It's always fun to show people where we live. (Rachel's friends from Calif., in particular, have been having a good time here in NYC!) Our door is always open.

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