Sunday, August 31, 2008

A few sights from today

The three of us were in the lower end of Manhattan today. We met Rachel at one of the NYU dorms--she had spent the night there with her friend Katie, who is an R.A. this year. We wanted to take her to a good luggage store we had read about on the Lower East Side, called Altman's. While we love our Rick Steves and Red Oxx bags, we also thought she needed a larger one for her semester abroad. So off we went to find Altman Luggage.

We made our way through the streets of Chinatown and Little Italy, stopping to see a few sights along the way--mostly food related! Here are a few shots for your viewing pleasure, including: a shopkeeper putting a live, squirming crab into a bag for someone; the pizza Mary ate (yum!); the cannoli Mary ate (double yum!); and some gorgeous dried fruit. Oh, and don't forget the bra in the window ... good advertisement, huh?

We ended up buying Rachel a rolling duffel-type bag made by Eagle Creek for a very good price. Nice service in the store, too. Combined with her backpack-style bag from Rick Steves, she should be able to bring most of her worldly belongings with her to Paris next week. (That's her, lookin' tough ;-) in Little Italy.)

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