Sunday, July 20, 2008

Upcoming events

First, our French checks finally arrived, so work has begun on the Paris apt. (now that we could start paying everyone). Hooray!

This week, Th-Sun., Mary is volunteering for College Summit: an organization that helps high schoolers prepare their college applications and essays. The group's aim, as it says on their Web site, is "to strengthen the college-going culture for all students." Meaning, students from ALL high schools should have the opportunity to go to college. Mary will spend several days working with a group of students as they write their personal statements. The workshop takes place at St. John's University in Queens.

The following week, House Hunters International will arrive in the Bronx to shoot "Act I" of our episode in our little co-op here. That ought to be quick! Of all the episodes we have seen, ours has by far the smallest properties. But hey, if everyone is concerned about going green these days (by the way, Mary is getting weary of the "green" lingo), then why not show how economically you can live in a small space?

Speaking of green, we found out yesterday that Jeff's dad, Glenn, who lives with his wife in Paso Robles, spends twice as much as we do per kilowatt hour of electricity. DOUBLE. Guess that's the price you pay for living in California. Never mind that we live in NYC, which, last time we checked, was pretty darned expensive. Apparently, not compared to Paso Robles.

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