Sunday, June 15, 2008

Still not quite in the swing of things

(This is Mary.)

I know that France has its problems--believe me, I really do know. Union strikes can shut down public transportation or other services, as anyone who has ever traveled there probably has experienced.

But my pain with the subway yesterday made me yearn for a union strike. At least it would explain why I, and hundreds (maybe thousands) of other people, waited 25 minutes for a subway train to show up. There is a P.A. system in the subway, and it did a good job of announcing service changes/rerouting due to construction--which we all know intimately by now.

As the platform began filling to well over its capacity, however, there was NOT ONE announcement as to why there were no #1 trains running for nearly half an hour. We saw plenty of #3 and #5 trains running on the #1 track, but #1 trains were nowhere to be found.

And of course, it was hot and humid, so everyone was sweating like crazy and getting impatient--although to our credit, we all behaved nicely. With every non-#1 train that stopped at the station and let off more people to wait for the #1, the temperature rose along with people's blood pressure.

Would it KILL the MTA to use the P.A. system to make an announcement? Like, "We expect a #1 train within 15 minutes." Or ... "The #1 trains aren't running, so take the bus or a cab, instead."

And half the time when you're inside the trains, you cannot hear or understand what the driver is saying.

I wrote another posting a long time ago at how shocked I am at the state of public address systems in this city, especially after 9/11. It's appalling. Every American, whether you live here or not, should be OUTRAGED at the state of the poor systems here. Why? Well, if it's this bad in NYC, what's it like where YOU live?

I'll leave you w/this photo I took yesterday, to lighten the mood. It was at a shop in the West Village called Le Petit Puppy. How much is that doggie in the window? In NYC, probably more than we pay for two months' mortgage!

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