Monday, June 9, 2008

Still jetlagged, but ...

Wanted to write another short entry about our trip to Paris. We enjoyed several good meals with some fun folks. For instance, after we signed the final papers on the apt., we went out with Adrian, Mary Ellen and John--all instrumental in helping us find and buy the apt.--to Chez Omar, a restaurant in the Marais. Delicious food and even more delicious conversation!

For some reason, we never seem to tire of French pastry. Bring on the croissants, viennoise and pains au chocolats. Every morning is just fine with us. And we're still amazed at the multitude of yogurt choices in the supermarket. It's literally mind boggling! Yogurts of every flavor, texture, and calorie count adorn the shelves ... from fruits (from everyday to exotic) to sweets (caramel and chocolate and coffee, oh my!). Makes our choices look quite paltry, by comparison.

And the French media--and perhaps the French people?--love, absolutely LOVE, Barack Obama. His face is EVERYWHERE. All over the papers, every single day. Could Obama be the one to bring the U.S. back into favor around the world, starting with France? One can only hope.


Dennis said...

Glad you had a good trip and made it home safely. Looking forward to seeing the HGTV episode. When.??
How tiny is it.?? Can you divulge general area, section of Paris where apt. is located.??

Dennis/Grapevine, Texas

Anonymous said...

il y a des nuages avec la pluie comme en avignon en ete? (ok, so the french is a little rusty).

jean is coming to the mud hole this week. mary's two kids are there (jack and oliver), though mary has to work so we won't be seeing her. the folks are well, though getting older as expected. i think they are tired after watching mary's kids for a couple weeks.

sacramento is slowly growing on me as most cities do i suppose. luckily, have meet some intelligent, interesting moms to hang with a bit. kai will turn 4 in october and is REALLY getting fun.

over and out. have some fattening pastry for me...


Jeff and Mary said...

It's definitely tiny: about 300 square feet. But that's bigger than a hotel room, certainly, and it will be a real "home away from home" for people using it.

The apt. is in the "Haut Marais," or upper portion of the Marais, in the 3rd arr. It's close to the Place de la Republique, which has tons of Metro lines.