Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our apartment

It occurred to us that we hadn't posted any recent photos of our apartment, now that it's basically together. You can see the kitchen is still as small as ever, but we re-did everything but the floors: new cabinets, countertops, appliances, everything. We expanded the pass-through, added cabinets there and made that counter larger. Underneath it, on the living room side, is the Murphy bed.

The funny thing is, Mary is now so used to cooking in this kitchen, a larger space would feel a bit weird!

We filled the apartment with our photography--Rachel's too, Some of hers are featured in the hallway (see close-up here of three photos).

When Rachel is home, we try our best to allow her some space in the living room, since she doesn't have her own room. We wish that we could have bought a larger place with a second bedroom, but we felt that being able to own two properties had to take priority--especially because Rachel will be on her own before too long.

She turns 20 next week. Hard to believe! We'll probably post some photos soon from her trip to Croatia, as she is coming home Saturday. Can't wait to hear about all of her adventures.

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