Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bonjour de Paris!

Jeff and Mary have been in Paris this week. We signed the final documents on our teeny-tiny apt. (yes, even teenier and tinier than our place in Riverdale) and have been working on everything that comes next ... lots to do!

As you can see by the photo of Jeff and the Eiffel Tower, the weather has been a bit ... unpredictable. Not much rain, but lots of clouds; temperatures in the 60s, with a breeze at times. Overall, though, it's been pleasant in all respects.

We have also been filming an episode for HGTV's show "House Hunters International." Isn't that crazy?! With the help of our property consultant in Paris, Adrian Leeds (in the photo with us), we got the opportunity to be part of one of our favorite home shows! The producer and the crew have been awesome (see photo: Frederic with the camera, Dave the sound man, and David the producer).

How our lives have changed in such a short amount of time! We looked at each other tonight and thought, Holy cow! What are we doing? And what have we done?? Buying this apt. in Paris has been a huge commitment and a bigger leap of faith. But so far it has done nothing but bring us joy, so we're confident the sacrifices (read: eating lots of beans and rice for the next, oh, several years) will be worth it.

Here a couple more photos for you ... including one of a huge merry-go-round horse, one of the millions of items for sale at the biggest flea market we have ever seen, happening just down the block--and around several more blocks--near our apt. here.


Clashman94 said...

Congratulations on your new apartment. That's exciting that you closed on it and also got to be filmed. I'm not sure we'll see the show out here in Germany, but let us know when it will air.

All is good with Sonia and I. We are going to London next weekend...we bought tickets to see Wicked. We went to Dublin two weekends ago. We are trying to travel as often as possible. You'll have to let us know when you are out here next so we can meet up with you. We are only a short 4 hours away. Take care!

Jason and Sonia

Carolyn said...

Finally figured out how to find your blog. Everything sounds so exciting. Hoping to make it to Paris for our "120 PARTY". It's still on our calendar for 08/11/11. Take care and will call you soon.


Jeff and Mary said...

Carolyn, we hope you will visit the apartment before 8/11/11! :-)

Good to hear from you, Jason & Sonia!