Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rachel's home!

With the help of a minivan and driver, we were able to move all of Rachel's stuff home from her dorm, and there was even enough room in the vehicle for us, too! :-)

Things are in a state of disarray in our Riverdale apt. now, but not for long. That's what storage units are for, right? We still have some room in ours here in the building. We were really lucky to get one, and it only costs us 17 bucks a month. It's not big, but it's big enough!

The next two weeks will be busy, busy, busy as we help Rachel prepare for a student-volunteer trip to Croatia. Hiking books, a sleeping bag, bug repellent ... plus about a hundred other things form our shopping list.

When she returns from that trip, she'll take a summer class at NYU and work until fall semester, when she will be winging her way to Paris for an amazing study abroad experience.

She has had an excellent year at NYU and has worked hard for the excellent grades she has earned (pardon us while we brag for a moment). She's really excited for the summer and beyond ... as are her parents, who are looking forward to seeing what exciting plans she'll have next!

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