Friday, April 25, 2008

What we have stopped noticing (well, almost)

Broken things: bent fence rails, crumbling walls, cracked store windows, you get the idea
Homeless people.
Crazily dressed people.
Just plain crazy people.
Noisy subway brakes.
Rats on the tracks.
Standing water in various places.
Honking horns.
Lines in basically every store.
The differences in people's skin color.

OK, sometimes we still notice these things. But much of it has faded into the background as we have adjusted to life in NYC. We now feel like we can begin to enjoy the city--the initial shock has worn off. We have become much more tolerant, in a good way, toward the things that make people, and this place, unique. (Even the crazy people don't seem crazy sometimes.)

This weekend's plans include Jeff doing a bike ride, if the weather holds, and Mary beginning to paint the apartment (finally!). Also may go to the Museum of Modern Art to see an exhibit of Esquire magazine covers:

Until next time ... the adventure continues.

P.S. Signed the loan documents on the Paris apt. Next steps: forking over a boatload of Dollars/Euros and setting up the closing date. The architect is already lined up, so we're making progress.

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