Sunday, April 13, 2008

Road to the NYC Marathon, Part I

I took a step further today toward my goal of running in the New York City Marathon on Nov. 2.
This photo at left is actually from a run last month in Central Park, when it had snowed the night before.

Today's race was also a 4-miler in Central Park and I improved my per-mile rate from 9:45 to 9:03. I'll have to keep up that pace to finish a marathon in less than 4 hours. I can't imagine today keeping that pace up for more than 6 miles, so I have literally a long way to go.

It's been about 20 years since I ran road races, so it's interesting to compare how I feel as I approach 50. Not much different really - just slower. Slower pace and slower to recover. I may never run a 10K in 43 minutes like I did in my mid-20s, but I don't really care. Life is longer than that. I just want to get to the finish, wherever that is.

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