Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finally warming up

It's in the 50s today, which is a nice, nice change from what it has been recently. Maybe spring has finally arrived, along with the daffodils? (Photos to come!)

We're still in the midst of the Paris apartment purchase, plus we're attempting to do our taxes (yes, we know we're running a tad late). The whole live-in-NJ, work-in-NY thing is a little complicated, but we'll sort it out. by April 15.

Tonight we're going out to dinner with a group of Mary's colleagues. Tomorrow includes seeing the new Rolling Stones movie, "Shine a Light," and meeting up with Rachel for afternoon tea at an NYU student hangout in the West Village.

Unfortunately, there was a tragic incident last night, right near Columbia University. A graduate student, apparently fleeing from an attempted mugging, ran across Broadway and was struck by a car and killed. It's startling that there was a mugging at around 9 pm in that neighborhood, since it's actually a rather low-crime area. We just pray for the student's family and friends, that they'll somehow get through this difficult time.

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