Sunday, April 13, 2008

A few photos from Saturday

A few daffodils were blooming in Union Square. On the weekends, there is a nice fair that features all kinds of booths--although it's mostly foods and flowers.

The flowers for sale were gorgeous--trying to figure out how to add some to our apartment, since we don't have a balcony or room for flower boxes. We'll keep thinking ...

Rachel and Mary visited a bunch of thrift stores in Manhattan's East and West Village areas. But even the thrift stores there are too expensive! (We need to go back to Brooklyn to find the deals.) But the trees are all a-blossoming, so it made the day very pleasant (that, and it was about 70 degrees--niiiice).

P.S. The reason why Rachel looks unhappy in the photo is because not only were the items in the thrift stores expensive, they were OUTRAGEOUS. Example: A completely torn dress, not even cute, for $495! I mean, maybe if Princess Di had worn it ... but even then, I'm not sure!

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