Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hold on a minute...

At the risk of marital discord, I am intending to keep the blog going. The adventure continues! (or, at least, until Mary shuts it down - ha!)

My aim is to chronicle our purchase of our Paris apartment, somehow without giving away details nefarious folks might use against us (none of our friends, of course, but people all over have posted - or tried to post, anyway - comments to our blog.

The seller of the Marais apartment we put an offer in on signed the promesse this week. It's essentially an agreement to sell at the agreed to price. There's much ground to cover before the deal closes in a couple months or so, but we're on our way to owning a Paris apartment.

Adrian Leeds Group has done a great job helping us find the apartment. We'd recommend them for anyone contemplating something similar. They estimate we may have the renovations done this summer and have the apartment available for rental by October.

Here's a shot down the quaint street where this apartment is located.

That's Mary and Rachel and her cousin Tiffany on the left side of the street. On the right in a bright-colored jumper is a city worker cleaning the street.

We'll have more news on this investment as it develops. Check back for new updates in the near future.

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Trisha Oksner said...

Keep those posts coming! We love reading about your adventures.