Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday, Super Tuesday ...

As you might imagine, things are cranking up in NYC in anticipation of the NY Giants vs. the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl today. People are wearing their Giants caps and jackets and everyone's talking about whether the team can ruin the Patriots' perfect* record. *Except, of course, that they were caught cheating. And Jeff found something that said they had been doing the same videotaping crap back in 2002 ... so how long has this been going on?

Anyway, then there's Super Tuesday--totally weird to think that Californians are also voting in February. In Hillary's "home" state of NY, we actually did see a few rallyers yesterday in Union Square. But that's the first really visible sign of support compared to the Obama folks, who are out in droves all the time. Maybe Hillary thinks NY is a given? Maybe, maybe not. Is California a given for Hillary? Maybe, maybe not.

If the NY Giants happen to pull out a victory today, watch out! The streets of the city will be lit up with people who are, probably, lit up!

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