Saturday, February 23, 2008

A soggy ride to remember

Nearly 30 riders - mostly from Team K-Man - mounted their carbon steeds shortly after 7 a.m. Tuesday in Carmel to ride our own slower version of the 130-mile Stage 4 of the Tour of California to San Luis Obispo. We were tested just like the pros were two days later, although their conditions may have been even worse. That's me at left with John Lehman (thank you Mark Glenesk for all the photos).

About half of the riders abandoned by the first rest stop at 27 miles. The rain - which forecasters didn't recognize until hours before the ride began - washed away the ambitions of many, most of whom had not brought rain gear (me included). As I didn't come 3,000 miles to take a drive down the coast, I persisted with a dozen or so intrepid folks. That's me at the right at the second rest stop at Lucia, about 55 miles into the ride. Read the rest of this entry on Jeff's cycling blog, On The Rivet.

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