Sunday, February 24, 2008

Road to the NYC Marathon Begins

My quest to run the New York City Marathon began Saturday with a four-mile fun run in Central Park, aptly named the Snowflake 4 Mile. That's me at right, a half-hour before the run. The six inches of snow on the ground didn't stop the race, as park workers and volunteers cleared the roadway. My common sense prevents me from posting an after-run photos.

I've run about 10 times in the past month or so - equal roughly to the number I'd run in the previous year - but this was the first time running in an organized race since the 1997 Bay to Breakers.

My goal is to break 4 hours in the marathon, which isn't until Nov. 2, thank God. To do that, I'll have to run a 9-minute pace. So, for this comparatively short run, I was hoping to just run a 9-minute pace. Somehow, I managed to do almost exactly that, running the 4 miles through Central Park in 34:51, about an 8:40 pace per mile.

Mind you, at this point in my training, I could not keep up that pace for another 3.5 hours, so I've got a lot of work to do. Since I routinely cycle for 4-5 hours, the duration may not be as big an obstacle as just not injuring myself, like straining a calf or Achilles like I am won't to do. Wish me luck. I'll need some.

This last photo was taken moments before the start. Not bad for a camera phone, eh?

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