Thursday, February 7, 2008

Reflections on the week (briefly)

Mary is battling food poisoning today, so this post will be brief.

Super Tuesday was, well, SUPER. What a horse race! No matter who you support, you gotta admit that this is an exciting election season. It's fun to read all the pundits' predictions, especially because everyone knows they don't know anything!

In contrast to our experience last week, we saw a good play last night, "The Farnsworth Invention," starring Hank Azaria. You may know him from "The Simpsons," "Mad About You" and "Friends." Rachel was kind enough to get us free tix through NYU--very cool. It chronicled the history of the development of television and was written by Aaron Sorkin, who also wrote the movie "Charlie Wilson's War" and the TV show "The West Wing," among others.

Yesterday it was so warm here that we didn't even need to wear coats. Seriously, it was around 60 degrees, even in the early evening. It's supposed to cool off now, but the weather predictions here are not always very accurate, we have noticed.

Jeff shipped his bike to SLO for his big ride next weekend. Go, Jeff!

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