Thursday, February 28, 2008

One year in NYC

OK, so technically we started in New Jersey. But we could SEE New York City from there, so it counts as part of our first year in NYC.

One year ago today, we moved into the apartment with the amazing view and began a new stage of our lives.

We feel so incredibly fortunate to be near Rachel as she experiences the amazing journey that is college. We see her regularly and try to support her as best we can, while still respecting her independence. This time has been a gift, something we never expected. Who knew she would attend NYU? And who knew we would find jobs that would pay her (seriously hefty) tuition?

Despite certain stresses that have accompanied this transition, we try every day to focus on the positive and see how far we have come. Yes, we still have some work to do in the new apartment, but it's minor--and it's a lovely little place for us to live, well within our means.

If things go the way we would like, we'll be able to invest in a (teeny-tiny) apartment in Paris and begin to finance our future; we still have the goal to move to Europe once Rachel graduates from NYU.

So while we are living most definitely in the present, we are also looking toward an interesting future with an international flavor. And we couldn't be more excited about the options Rachel is exploring as career possibilities: professor is topping the list, with lawyer still in the running (although probably something less stressful than a law firm-type lawyer!).

Change can be frightening, certainly. But it can also be great. If you're thinking of making a change, do some planning, and then do it!


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog by accident today. We also have an appt in Troy Towers- we purchased it ten years ago when our daughter was a student at NYU (she was not happpy with dorm life and this was an affordable option which still gave her a taste of NYC life.)We intended to sell it after her graduation but have come to enjoy the easy access to NYC as well as our little community We are now considering selling our home and moving in permanently.Hope to "bump into you". I've enjoyed reading of your adventures.

Jeff and Mary said...

Thank you for the note. We actually moved to Riverdale, in the Bronx, about a year ago (needed an easier commute). But we really liked Troy Towers--it was a very nice building, with a dedicated co-op board and owners.