Friday, February 1, 2008

It's only rock 'n' roll but I (didn't) like it

We were very excited to see the play "Rock 'n' Roll" last night, for a few reasons: 1) they honored our tickets we had already paid for and missed the performance (see an earlier blog entry), 2) it stars some interesting actors, like Brian Cox and Rufus Sewell, and 3) it was written by Tom Stoppard.

The night became an adventure even before the play. After work, Mary ran a couple of errands, so we were ready to head down to the theater at 6:30--from 110th St. down to 45th St. We had to be there by 7:30 to pick up our tickets, but it normally would take 20-25 minutes to get there. So we were fine.

That is, until we learned that the subway WAS NOT RUNNING. As you can imagine, the lines for the bus on were five-people deep. No way we could get a cab, either.

So we rushed over to Riverside Ave., a less-traveled boulevard that also has bus service. Most people like to travel up and down Broadway, which is understandable. But there are other boulevards that run north-south that have bus service.

We managed to catch a bus down to 59th and took a chance that the subways were working. As we rode the bus, we peered outside to see if people were coming/going up and down the subway stairs at various stops, and they appeared to be fine.

Luckily, the subway at 59th St. WAS working. We rode it down to 42nd and literally ran to the theater on 45th St., arriving at 7:29 pm.

But after all that, we disliked the play! It's hard to even describe what it is about, and honestly, it's not worth the trouble. The acting was fine, but the play itself was dull, dull, dull without a shred of emotion in it. It seemed like we were listening to a 3-hour lecture on Communism and Czechoslovakia through the mouths of the actors. Ugh.

We have decided to stick with off-Broadway and lesser-known shows and reputable music venues. Honestly, we have been disappointed by more Broadway shows than we can count. And they are expensive as heck!

If you come visit us, of course we would encourage you to see a show, if that's what you want to do. Just know that the city has a lot more to offer than the glitz and glam of Broadway shows--and it's often much better (and cheaper!).

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