Saturday, February 9, 2008

Advantages to a tiny, miniscule, need-a-magnifier-to-see-it kitchen

1. You can never have too many cooks in the kitchen, because they simply won't fit.
2. You can stand in one spot and reach all the ingredients, cook and clean up.
3. You are forced to clean as you go, so by the time the meal is ready, your kitchen is already clean!
4. Your dishes are always clean, too, because you have to run your teeny-tiny dishwasher daily.
5. You save money on all those cleaning supplies because it takes only one or two swipes to cover all the surfaces with your sponge.
6. You can paint the walls a brilliant color without fearing that you're overdoing it.
7. Your largest pots are always at the ready, because they don't fit anywhere other than the stovetop.
8. Ditto your cookie sheets--always in the oven, ready to go (except when you need the oven for something else, at which time they migrate to the counter for awhile).

None, really. Except that people can't congregate there during parties. But that's what living rooms are for!

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