Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama Makes History in South Carolina

Dan Kennedy at Media Nation is onto something with his post Obama's best speech yet?

I think the power of this speech, with the strength of this victory in South Carolina, is a turning point in the campaign for the Democratic nomination. While CNN pundits pointed out that Clinton leads in every Super Tuesday state except Obama's home state of Illinois, this will not stand. For an African American to win a primary in a southern state is historic, that he won big could have a huge impact in states where the polls are close. If he's electable there, he's electable in a lot of states.

While this is the merely the first draft of history, I think this day and Obama's powerful speech will be looked upon as a turning point where he convinced many Americans he is the candidate of change.

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Mack said...

Hi Mary & Jeff,
...Hopefully, the New York Post endorsement won't stop the beautiful music...The South Carolina speech was a show stopper to be sure, but can you just imagine what he's got in store for us when he give his Democratic convention acceptance speech? The best is yet to come.
Oh, and sorry to hear about Mary's "Full-moon Fever" Subway inncident...That'w what happens when you get up at the "Crack" of Dawn...or should I say "Crack of Erin?" I could go on all day, but I won't...