Monday, January 14, 2008

No snow here (weird!)

Don't panic, folks. NYC got absolutely zip-o snow, even though the forecasters said we were going to get 4 to 8 inches.

It rained a little overnight and drizzled on and off today. But no winter snow. So far, winter hasn't actually happened, really. We had one good snowfall back in early December, and it stayed on the ground for awhile. We have had a few really cold days--but just a handful.

When Mary thinks of winter snow, she thinks of a Minneapolis winter. Those are a much different animal, apparently, than winter in New York City.

What else is happening ... we are submitting the paperwork for a consultant to begin a property search for us in Paris. Mary is panicking a little bit over the amount of money required for this investment. But it is, after all, an investment. And it will more than pay off in the long run--and we are definitely in it for the long run.

Not to dwell on unpleasant stuff, but we are very disappointed in the cabinet/kitchen guy, Matt. He is giving us only a 20 percent discount on the wrong granite. OK, so, whatever--fine. But we are still waiting for the correct cabinet doors to show up, which should have been here weeks ago. He doesn't return phone calls about that, nor has that 20 percent discount check shown up in the mail.

Why, oh why, are some people so poor when it comes to customer service? Especially when that IS their job? Frustrating ...

We are going to see a play on Saturday called "Rock 'n' Roll," by Tom Stoppard.

Here's the official Web site: You know we'll provide our own review afterwards!

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