Saturday, January 12, 2008

A new member of the family ... and thanks for the comments.

Mary has been pretty sick the past few days, but not too sick to play the piano that arrived today! Almost feels like a new member of the family has arrived--it's been awhile since Mary has lived without a piano, and it's been 18 long months.

No, it's not new ... it's from 1973. But it's been reconditioned and looks and sounds great: a Yamaha 52-inch upright. It will need a tuning after it settles into its new surroundings (don't we all?), but it is wonderful! Bought it through a sale that Columbia University was having so got a good deal on it. Never thought we'd be able to afford even a new 52-inch piano, let alone one that looks and sounds so nice.

Some things get better with age. At least, that's what we keep telling ourselves. :-)

Not to brag--OK, maybe a little--but Rachel has really impressed her photography professor during this winter session course she's taking. At the students' first presentation/critique of their work, she was the only one whose photographs were consistently called very "professional looking": of interesting subjects, shot well, and printed well. As anyone who has ever dealt with film knows, printing is at least half the process of making a good photo. So she was really pleased with those comments.

She's out shooting some more today. Has to have 3 more rolls for class Monday afternoon. Yesterday (when Mary was home sick from work) was rather blustery: rain and thunder/lightning, so no photography happened. But today is pleasant, so she decided to go to the Union Square area and see what was happening. Her final project is sort of a takeoff on the French idea of "jolie-laid." Translated, it means pretty-ugly, but it describes something so ugly that it can be beautfiul. There's a lot of that in NYC!

Thanks to those of you who write comments. We do read them. Now, back to playing the piano, knitting, and Jeff's new blog: Newsdog.

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